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Maui Microblading

What is eyebrow microblading

If you’re wondering about Maui microblading techniques, here’s what you need to know.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique used to complement your eyebrows and shape them to perfection.

The art of embroidering your hair strokes dates back in ancient times. But our team of makeup professionals are highlly skilled in using modern techniques that help shape and sculpt your eyebrows just the way you want them.

The term ‘tattoo’ mustn’t scare you though. Although microblading provides a more permanent solution to camouflaging missing eyebrow hair, the process itself is far from being painful.

Using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigment, the art of microblading uses delicate techniques to fully reconstruct or define your eyebrows. Using a manually handled tool, our Maui microblading experts are able to simulate the appearance of eyebrow hair by carefully drawing individual strokes and meticulously shaping them one by one.

How is Maui microblading different than makeup and tattoos

Microblading can be successfully defined as a middle way between two different extremes. Although the technique is comparable to that of a tattoo, the similarities between embroidering and makeup are uncanny.

Microblading strokes resemble well known make up techniques, but the truth is the process is still not the same as drawing your eyebrows using a pencil.

This special form of cosmetic tattoo uses pigment layers carfully inserted under the skin. The hair like strokes are not as deep as a regular tattoo and in time, you should expect the pigment to start to fade.

Maui Microblading

Safety precautions for eyebrow microblading

Fully reconstructing the shape of your eyebrows using Maui microblading techniques is perfect if you’re looking for a semi permanent solution. Your facial hair deserves the best quality treatment and our highly skilled experts are here to help.

To ensure a smooth microblading session and minimize the risk of an unwanted outcome, make sure to follow these few tips and safety precautions.

Beware of rushing the microblading process – it’s important to mention that a microblading session is not a process to be rushed. The delicate technique requires at least a couple hours of your time.

Follow the recommended aftercare treatment – Applying the ointment on a regular basis and avoiding scratching, picking or scrubbing your eyebrows is highly recommended.

Avoid wearing makeup during the healing process – Although tempting, try to avoid wearing makeup before your eyebrows have healed.

Listen to our Maui microblading experts’ advice – To ensure a quick and painless healing process, make sure to follow the aftercare tips our microblading professionals recommend.

Be ready for a follow-up touch up session – our Maui microblading experts will need to see you back within 4-6 weeks for a follow up touch up session. This is the perfect time to bring up questions or mention desired tweaks you feel would compliment your new look.

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